Solelec, a responsible company

1/ Health & Safety

Health, safety and well-being at work are essential and priority issues that are an integral part of management systems at Solelec.  To achieve its goals, making savings in these areas is never a priority.

In its daily work, Solelec’s management makes sure that it:
  • Raises awareness among all staff about the importance of health,
    safety and respect for the environment;
  • Complies with all laws and regulations and ENGIE group directives;
  • Meets the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard; 
  • Takes and applies the measures needed to continuously improve performance;
  • Provides the equipment and training required to meet its goals;
  • Establishes and maintains an adequate organisational structure and monitors its effectiveness;
  • Establishes the requisite action plans and evaluates them;
  • Encourages mentoring and skills development;
  • Develops and facilitates fair access to employment;
  • Keeps its talented staff and fosters professional fulfilment; 
  • And that our subcontractors and suppliers comply with sustainable development principles
OHSAS18001 francais_petit.jpg

2/ Respect for the environment

Environmental protection is also one of our concerns.  Respect for the environment entails preventing any damage to the environment; eliminating and disposing of all waste correctly and ensuring its traceability, as well as using hazardous substances carefully and correctly.


3/ Quality

Quality is a permanent goal that is present at all levels of our organisation.  For our customers, we seek constantly to show the way with the design of our systems and offer them high-quality services. 
In terms of our operations, we apply the following 8 quality principles:

    • Customer satisfaction is one of our key principles;
    • We set clear goals;
    • Staff are the essential link in our organisation’s chain;
    • We ensure sound management of our activities and resources in order to achieve our goals;
    • We endeavour to understand and manage the processes;
    • We constantly seek to improve our overall performance, which has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction;
    • We have a factual approach to decision-making; 
    • We foster mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers. 

4/ CSR

Solelec is committed to CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - which entails ethical and transparent conduct, which:
  • Contributes to sustainable development, and to the health and well-being of society.
  • Takes account of the (individual or group) expectations of players that have a stake in the decisions or activities of our organisation.
  • Complies with the applicable laws and is in conformity with international standards of behaviour is mainstreamed throughout
    our organisation and applied to its relations.
Social and environmental considerations are thus part and parcel of Solelec’s day-to-day management and its interaction with external players in order to:
  • Ensure the sustainable development of the company; 
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty:
Solelec thus pledges to be respectful and act:
  • In the economic sphere: good reputation, standing out from its competitors and a better brand image among customers, consumers and partners.
  • In the financial sphere: reducing energy consumption, waste, making cost savings, enhancing the effective operation of the company;
  • In terms of its performance: anticipating constraints, better risk analyses and a more efficient management of responsibilities;
  • In the social sphere: the company will have a good reputation on the job market, increased staff motivation, better employer/employee relations;
  • in the environmental sphere: lower negative impact on the environment
  • In respect of society: by contributing to sustainable development.